Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Homemade Kettle Corn

Popcorn is my comfort food.  I absolutely love it and sometimes loathe it.  Love the crunch, the airiness, and the playfulness of popcorn.  I HATE the fact that it gets stuck in your teeth.  I started making my own popcorn with kernels which makes it much healthier for you and you know what is going in your food that you make.  This recipe takes just as long as popcorn in the microwave but I think tastes much better.

Kettle Corn:
2 tbsp corn kernels
1 tsp vegetable/peanut oil
1 pinch of salt
few grinds of black pepper
1-2 tbsp. granulated sugar

In a deep sauce pan, heat the oil on medium high heat and add the corn kernels.  Add the pinch of salt, pepper and sugar and stir to coat all the kernels.  Once the corn starts popping, cover tightly with a lid and shake every few seconds until the kernel popping slows, take off the heat immediately.  Stir everything to combine and sprinkle with a bit more salt.  Pop in a movie, and enjoy!

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